Dirty dishes usually annoy me. A lot. But tonight as I’m putting them into the dishwasher I had to pause and thank God. These dirty dishes represent so many blessings. We have food on our table every night. We have a home. We have each other. No, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to get excited to wash dirty dishes from now on. But, I will acknowledge that they are a blessing more so than a burden. Sometimes God talks to me so loudly that it humbles me instantly. Who would have thought that the crying over dirty dishes would be happy tears? Sorry, this is incredibly sappy but I felt I needed to share. Count your blessings my friends. Hug and love on those around you. Quit sweatin’ the small stuff. Love y’all!

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    In this moment I feel so blessed and a little scared of where God is leading me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but a little fear is normal right? P.S. the lighting from all the windows around me made for some interesting self-photos. (Taken with Instagram)

    Ha! A family friend gave my mom a bunch of old pictures. My dad and I are clearly fashion forward. #throwback #mydadsahipster (Taken with Instagram)

    Got this outfit for her last year on her birthday. Finally fits her a week before her 2nd birthday. Tiny but fierce! #niece #toddler (Taken with Instagram)


    I love this ^.^

    Best app purchase, ever. #cats #catpaint (Taken with Instagram)


    Fish Tank (2009) » Michael Fassbender & Katie Jarvis

    Photo bombing all your feeds with me! Whatever, still very fascinated with my long hair that is always up in a messy bun. Weird what changes when you’re not paying attention. #changeisgood (Taken with Instagram)

    It suddenly struck me, that tiny pea, that was Earth.
    I put up my thumb and shut one eye and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth.
    I didn’t feel like a giant.
    I felt very, very small.

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